G.C Charalambous & Co LLC is a professional Legal Firm located in Limassol, the Republic of Cyprus, incorporated as a Lawyers’ Limited Liability Company with No. 388052 and regulated by the Cyprus Bar Association with No. 739.

The Firm constitutes our proposal to the marketplace in the way that it addresses certain deficiencies, which we have identified through years of dedicated work. It also overcomes gaps which, ultimately, urged us to envision providing legal services based clearly on a specific business formula:

  • Clients are firstly heard attentively;
  • Clients are subsequently guided step-by-step through the applicable regulatory framework;
  • Clients are fully aware of the action plan and costs at all times;
  • Clients are consistently kept updated on the developments until delivery.
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Having our Clients at the epicentre reflects who we are by default and how we conduct our business. With an array of commercial experiences, which have rendered us legally/business literate, we remain at the full disposal of our Clients and Associates, offering an alternative to large Organizations and providing an exclusive selection of services. We consistently demonstrate competency, execute and deliver our undertakings at maximum speed, while our legal fees are a fair reflection of the standard of services we provide.

At G.C Charalambous & Co LLC, we do not make generic claims which carry no weight. It is in our culture manifesto to stay sharp with regards to our Clients’ needs, to get involved with the people behind the cases we handle, while understanding the importance of being in their position and, essentially, being the ones who safeguard their interests.

We stand as the reference point for our Clients and Associates, providing them with solid legal support and the unwavering commitment to succeed and grow together.



G.C Charalambous & Co LLC was founded by an aspiration to become the catalyst for changing the status quo of antiquated Law Firms and to be the epitome of legal consultation to Clients, who value the unmatched and personal service most.

We are a professional Legal Firm, the purpose of which is to become our Clients’ compass going forward, through excellence and promoting simplicity in Law, since this is what we do best.

In order to achieve this, we undergo changes – reinventing ourselves every day. This reflects our constant pursuit of optimal results for our Clients, deriving ultimately from an internal culture which continuously pushes the boundaries, challenges and demands higher performance at all levels.

What distinguishes us is the unique and genuine care about our cases without discrimination. From the moment we engage, we execute our duties with an absolute sense of responsibility and attention, delivering results which unequivocally reflect our efficiency as Professionals.

Having worked with Clients and Associates of all sizes, the return of our investment is precisely the establishment of relationships for life. We aim to grow our esteemed network, through which all sides can mutually benefit and through which we are in a position to add value. This is what we embrace and for this we are always accessible.

By doing what we are destined to do in the present, we are heading into the future confident that, whatever challenges it may bring, we possess the required capabilities, spirit and attitude – the precise elements which define our core and qualify us to serve our Clients.

George C. Charalambous



To provide legal support, the impact of which shall be lasting and spread to the realisation of your business and dream life.


To be known for our uncompromising commitment and ethical standards in the provision of legal services, being regarded as one of the most respectful and reputable Legal Firms.


Sincerity: Maintaining high moral standards, keeping promises, and being accountable for our undertakings; our integrity is not negotiable.

Devotion of Time: Having ownership over our cases, we focus on an issue until it is resolved.

Personal Touch: Approaching each case separately, we dedicate our personal attention to the careful handling and elimination of errors.

Expertise: Each Member of the Team is specialized in different sectors in which they are passionately driven and can thrive.

Expression: Diversification of views, promoting different ways of resolving issues.

Constant Communication: It is of great significance to us that our Clients are made aware of the progress of their request.

Continuous Improvement: Our Team constitutes the forefront of the Firm. Our successes are interlinked; thus, the demand for ongoing learning and personal growth becomes our relentless focus.

Sense of purpose: We are here to make waves and leave our own mark in the legal sector.

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