Is the information of the Beneficial Owner of a Company made public?

The identities of a Company’s Director, Secretary, and Shareholder are all made public during the incorporation process. That is why we offer nominee Shareholders and Directors, in order to safeguard identities. The only instance where the information of the beneficiary is disclosed is during the opening of a bank account. This is done as a result of the banks’ compliance with the applicable Anti-Money Laundering (AML) laws and regulations. However, as a result of strict Banking Laws in Cyprus, this information will be maintained by the banks in strict confidence.



  • Note: Following the transposition of the 5th EU AML Directive (AMLD5), whose provisions should be implemented in Cyprus by January 2020, the government will be obligated to create and maintain a Beneficial Ownership Registry for legal entities. This Registry will contain information about the Beneficial Owner(s) of Companies and should be operational by March 2021.


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