Banking & Finance Law


Due to the continuously increasing inclusion of Cyprus Companies in international tax planning structures and the handling of multiple challenging transactions which required legal / corporate support, we have gained a hands-on experience on cross – border transactions, financing, restructuring of debts and their corresponding documenting aspects.

We offer extensive and specialist service to our Clients with regards to all of their banking-related matters, aiming to provide them with the most beneficial solutions, as well as to deliver real commercial results.

We can assist on a variety of matters, like:

  • Legal Opinions & Due Diligence Reports in view of entering into financial transactions;
  • Corporate & Projects’ Financing;
  • Letters of Credit & Bank Guarantees;
  • Credit / Loan Agreements, Assignment of Receivables & Security Contracts;
  • Conversion of debts into equity;
  • Corporate & personal guarantees;
  • Debt restructuring;
  • Issuance of Promissory Notes;
  • Pledge of shares & registration of charges;
  • Opening of Bank Accounts.
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