Substance / Office Services


In order for a Company to benefit from the Cyprus favourable tax regime and qualify as a tax resident, it must be in a position to demonstrate that its “Management & Control” is exercised in Cyprus. This test may be passed, amongst others, by proving its actual substance in Cyprus, therefore, by running a fully operational office.

For this reason, our Firm is in a position to offer you administrative – fully fletched Offices for the actual conduct of your business, which include:

  • 7 m2 space;
  • Furniture / Equipment (i.e. desk, chair, filing cabinet, A/C, internet service, telephone line & fax, postal & mail service, cleaning service, CCTV system 24/7, alarm & security enabled gated access);
  • Reception;
  • Conference room;
  • WC;
  • Kitchen;
  • Direct access to legal / corporate / accounting / real estate and courier support (including directorship, secretarial, banking, payroll services etc.).

Be ready to take advantage of the above services, ensuring that the fundamental Policy and Management decisions of your Company shall take place and will be properly recorded in Cyprus, otherwise its tax residency status might be challenged.

If you wish to relocate your businesses / families to the Republic of Cyprus, but to realize it properly – eliminating potential errors, our Team is ready to provide you with hands – on advise and offers / packages.

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