Why Us


Because at G.C Charalambous & Co LLC:

We narrow our focus. We concentrate our service to a specific group of related areas in which we possess knowledge in depth, without casting the widest possible net to the largest market segment.

We do not merely draft Contracts; we become your Business Partners. We perform complementary roles and share your business principles/passions.

We respect you and the higher purpose of conducting your transactions. For this, we invest in our personal relationship, dedicating time to connect on the same wavelength from our first acquaintance, which we perceive as an essential component and imperative.

We listen attentively, making sure we share the same concerns and set the same priorities.

We condemn surprises, thus we are fully transparent about our pricing prior to our engagement, utilising alternative billing strategies.

Group of people

We go beyond merely returning phone calls and replying to e-mails by being responsive to your needs.

We communicate clearly, explaining technical terms in plain language and translating legal issues into terms absolutely understandable.

We routinely update you on the progress of your requests. We do not only deliver outcomes, but also know that our competency is tested throughout the process.

We condition ourselves for high Client expectation, demanding from our Team nothing but the optimum.

We demand your feedback, as we value your opinion the most.

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