Quick analysis of Incorporating a Company in Cyprus

According to Advocates Law Cap 2, article 2 (1) (iv), only a “practicing Advocate may deal with the drawing, reviewing, amending of any Memorandum or Articles of Association of a Company of any form or any application, report, statement, affidavit, decision or other document pertaining to the incorporation, registration, organisation, reorganisation or dissolution of any Legal Entity”.

The formation of a Company in Cyprus is a straight-forward procedure, which consists of the following steps:

1. Filing of a Name Application for approval by the Registrar of Companies;

2. Once approved, the Lawyer prepares the necessary documentation:

  • Incorporation Form;
  • Form for the appointment of Director & Secretary;
  • Form for the Registered Office;
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association.

3. Submission of the above documents with the Registrar of Companies;

4. Drafting of the internal corporate documentation;

5. Order of Company seal.

Once the Company is registered with the Registrar of Companies, the Lawyer / Accountant of the Company usually proceed with the:

a) Bank account opening;

b) TIC registration; and

c) VAT registration (if necessary).

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