Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme

The Cyprus Digital Nomad Visa Scheme (hereinafter referred to as the “Scheme”) aims to place Cyprus in the center of electronic services and to develop the Cypriot business ecosystem.

Under the Scheme, nationals from non-EU or non-EEA countries are entitled to reside temporarily in Cyprus, provided that they can perform their duties by working remotely with Employers / Clients outside Cyprus. The crucial condition for the specific Scheme is to work only via the use of information and communication technologies.

This is merely a “residence” visa, not an “employment” visa, and its main benefits are:

  • Right for a one-year period residence in Cyprus with the possibility of renewal for 2 years more;
  • Right for their family members to resident in Cyprus for the same period even if they are not employed under the same conditions;
  • In case they exceed 183 days in total of residence in Cyprus they will be considered as tax residents, provided that they are not tax residents in any other country.

Who is eligible for application?

  1. Non-EU or non-EEA nationals who can work from home using telecoms technologies;
  2. Individuals who are employed by a firm registered in another country for which they may work from anywhere, or are self-employed and provide services remotely to clients in other countries;
  3. Professionals who may be able to demonstrate that they have a monthly net income of at least €3,500, after the deduction of contributions and taxes.

Cyprus is always having new proposals to attract businesses & individuals who wish to relocate. Actually, the Government has launched a new action plan which has been implemented from the 1st of January 2022 to attract foreign businesses to establish or expand their activities in Cyprus.

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