We would like to inform our Clients that we are in the competent position to assist them in purchasing / selling their immovable property (House, Flat, Plot, Land) using payments via cryptocurrencies.

Around the globe, the current tendency for Companies is to accept cryptocurrencies as the payment means for their goods / services. As a result, Investors are now prepared to transact in real estate in Cyprus using cryptos (e.g. Ethereum or Bitcoin).

The procedure is quite straight forward, by us: (a) conducting the relevant (KYC) checks relating to the Parties’ and the Property’s status, (b) preparing the necessary real estate paperwork; (c) confirming the Parties’ unique wallet IDs (by the issuance of relevant certified Reports); and, further, (d) taking after the sequence of (conventional) actions applicable to a real estate transaction towards the valid transfer of the Title Deed in the name of the Purchaser with the Land Registry.

Conduct us for an introductory meeting to identify the way of structuring your transaction ad hoc, how the selling Party can receive money in FIAT and to discuss the potential tax impact that might arise.

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